Posted on July 02 2017


As Tony calls this video “OH SNAP, THAT’S A WRAP”, we get an up and personal look at Tony’s brand new build for the 2017 riding season. As he says in the description, he decided to change things up a little for his primary stunt bike. His sponsor Endless Auto Salon and Icon Motorsports helped bring this thing to life. He’s calling it the Icon "Deployed" high Viz Kawasaki Ninja 636 Stunt Bike! And with the neon green thrown down on the wheels, we have to agree. It’s definitely high viz and looks as good as they come. After a quick intro to all the riding he’s been doing, especially night riding, he goes through his bike, part by part, calling out each company that manufactures the part. Take note newbies, this is a great way to give props to your sponsors and show them the love they deserve! The first part we see is the somewhat newly created ImpakTech clip ons. We’re seeing more and more of these around the industry with their unique look, they have the Impaktech name, so we know there was a lot of love given to these.



Next we see the ImpakTech, adjustable sub-cage. The beauty of the sub-cage, is that it’s adjustable, so whether you’re tall or short, or like the pegs in a specific place, this is the cage for you. Next is the NDC Customz subframe. This thing is a beast. It’s a complete subframe, all billeted from one piece of aluminum. These guys aren’t messing around. The last part we see is the NDC Customz Handbrake Bracket. This bracket is essential for a handbrake setup. You run just one handbrake caliper or even add the adapter which allows you to add a second handbrake caliper to give you even more stopping power. From there, we see the crew at Endless Auto Salon do their magic on Tony’s bike, and it’s capped off with some circles inside the shop! Great video Tony, keep them coming! Make sure and check the StuntrideForum to keep up with dates and events. As always , here at, we love to see action sports and everything associated with the industry. Don’t hesitate to ever send us feedback or submit content to us. Thanks StuntRide team!


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