Posted on July 01 2017


WELCOME TO THE NEW STUNTRIDE.COM! StuntRide was created by Thomas Evans back in 2005. It quickly became one of the largest stunt related brands in the world, if not the largest. StuntRide became a staple in the stunt riding community, and with the forum, it was the largest community of stunt riding conversations in the world. For many years, you could see the brand presence all over the internet, at local events, and everywhere else you looked.


The simplicity of the brand made it one of the most recognized brands around. After many years of growth, Thomas felt it was time for him to move on to new adventures. So, in June of 2017, of group of enthusiastic individuals decided to take on ownership and bring this exciting brand back to the forefront of the industry like it belongs! 



So, as we chug along through 2017 as the new owners of StuntRide, we wanted to lay the ground work for our vision of the brand. Bringing StuntRide back is something we've been wanting to do for along time. We noticed the brand having less of a presence around the industry the last few years and we've always thought it was crucial to stay involved to keep the industry moving in the right direction and to give it the attention and representation it deserves.


You'll notice a lot of content over the next few weeks saying "StuntRide is BACK" as if it's been gone. It hasn't really been "gone" per say, but it has been in a idle status. With that said, as we recharge the brand, we'll be reaching out to all sorts of riders and supporters from around the world to help get involved and create momentum.



Our vision for the brand, is that StuntRide is a lifestyle. It's a brand that means more than just doing stunts on a street bike. It's about the life in and around action sports. Anything that is considered a maneuver or stunt on a vehicle, then it applies to StuntRide. Whether its off road, dirt bike, watercraft, flat track, street bike, cruisers, skateboard, snow, or anything else we can't think of, if your doing a stunt on it, than the brand loves it. And you don't even have to do the stunt yourself, if you have the same passion we do for all things stunt, then help us spread the word. Here at StuntRide, we want to explore the lifestyle, the commitment, and the passion that riders from every part of the world commits to their craft. 



We completely revamped the website. We'll be profiling new pics weekly in the header content. We'll be profiling a "Video of the Month", a "Featured Video", Instagram content, Facebook content, and of course, gear and more gear. If you have ideas and content to add to the site, feel free to send feedback or suggestions to



For the community forum, we did a major overhaul of the site, updating graphics and functionality. We've already received many messages of old users wanted us to reset their password or help them get back into their account. Don't hesitate to do the same. We'd love to get as many people back into the site. Obviously social media is where a lot of people get their daily information, but we feel like it's too scattered there. In your social media feeds, you're only seeing about 2-3% of your friends content or the content of brands and businesses you might follow. We noticed, just to find parts for bikes, you have to go to 4-7 different Facebook Groups to find what you're looking for. We feel like the community is the perfect place to centralize general conversation, events, items for sale, and of course, a place to call "ours". So join us and help us grow the community again and give it a try. Spending just a few minutes day is the perfect way to get all the StuntRide you need!



So in summary, help us re-boot StuntRide and take the brand to new places. Remember, it's about the lifestyle, the commitment, and the passion that we all share when it comes to action sports. Its what we live for, and we assume you share the same passion. So don't forget to help us spread the word and we'll see ya soon! 

Make sure and check the StuntrideForum to keep up with dates and events. As always , here at, we love to see action sports and everything associated with the industry. Don’t hesitate to ever send us feedback or submit content to us. Thanks StuntRide team!


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